GSG provides you with a cost effective and viable solution to monitor your entire network system and the logs of the same. It will help you get the precise data in case of any policy violations taking place in your organization or any compliance related issues. It will collect logs from heterogeneous sources at a centralized location and help you generate your system information reports as per your requirements. Also, it will give different dashboards to view security status of your infrastructure.



  • Simple and easy to use
  • Information Security records storage guaranteed for appropriate period of time
  • Collection of logs from heterogeneous sources and devices
  • Classification of security incidents, violations and fraudulent activities
  • Performing audits and analyzing long term issues
  • Meeting the regulatory compliances

Services Offered

  • Threat Monitoring
  • Security Intelligence Services
  • Security Planning
  • Security Review


  • Compliance Advisory
  • Professional Services
  • Managed Security Service Provider
  • Security Operations Centre